Privacy Policy

The privacy of our users is the most fundamental priority of our website WinnerAPK. Therefore, we have introduced the Privacy Policy for the available information and its usage. 

You can ask any question about this policy without any hesitation. 

This policy is valid for users’ online activities on WinnerAPK. However, this policy isn’t valid for the information we collect offline or on different channels except for the website.


When you are using WinnerAPK, you must be consent to WinnerAPK Privacy Policy and agree to the available terms and conditions. 

Collection of Information

We collect the necessary personal information and we surely inform you about the purpose of this collection of personal information of various users. 

We definitely get additional personal information when you contact us. Moreover, we will collect the information through the message. 

We can also ask you to provide the name, email address, address, mobile number in the contact information. 

How does WinnerAPK Utilize Collected Information?

We utilize the collected information for the following purposes:

  • Maintenance and operation of WinnerAPK
  • Personalization and improvement of WinnerAPK
  • Analysis of user behavior on our website.
  • Addition of new features to WinnerAPK
  • Send emails to our users
  • Protection of users from unethical things
  • Communication with the users to inform them about updates relevant to WinnerAPK

Log Files

WinnerAPK has a specific method for the usage of log files. These log files come into existence when a user visits our website. Every hosting company creates a log file and it’s a compulsory element of every hosting company’s analytics.

The log files consist of IP (Internet Protocol) address, ISP (Internet Service Provider), date & time, browser type, visiting the webpage, and the total number of clicks. It is no link between personal and collected information. 

We collect this information to get trends analysis, web users’ tracking, website management, and demographic information.

Google DART Cookies for Privacy Policy

Google is a third-party vendor on the WinnerAPK. Moreover, Google is utilizing DART cookies for serving relevant advertisements to our users. However, our users can avoid DART cookies by going through

Advertisement Association Privacy Policy

We are using only Google Adsense for advertisement on WinnerAPK.

This Ads network is using Web Beacons, Cookies, or Javascript that pop up on our website for our users’ browsers. Therefore, we get your IP address whenever you visit our website. Basically, cookies are used to analyze the potential of the advertisement campaign to show the relevant Ads. 

You must remember that WinnerAPK doesn’t have control over third-party cookies. 

Third-Party Privacy Policy

Our site’s Privacy Policy isn’t implementable for other Ads serving websites. Therefore, it is our advice to our users to go through the Privacy Policies of third-party websites. Moreover, you can see the guidelines for the specific choices. 

It is completely your choice to avoid cookies. However, users can also find the cookies policy of various web browsers on their websites. 

California Consumers Privacy Act (CCPA)

CCPA has all rights to:

  • Ask the website that has the user’s personal information to represent the site’s categories and specific personal data of different users. 
  • Request the removal of the user’s personal data.
  • Ask the website owner to avoid selling users’ personal information.

When you request for CCPA, we can take up to thirty days to reply to you regarding the policy. Moreover, you can easily contact us for any query related to CCPA.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Rights

We want that our users must have full awareness about the rights of data protection rights. 
Moreover, the users are designated to the following rights:
  • Access: The users can get a copy of their personal information. Therefore, we have a right to ask for a fee to provide your personal data.
  • Rectification: The users can ask our team to correct the information that isn’t correct. Moreover, you can also ask to complete the information that isn’t complete.
  • Erasure: Being a user, you can request our team to erase your personal information in the various circumferences. 
  • Process Restriction: It’s your choice to ask our team for process restrictions on your personal information in specific conditions. 
  • Process Objection: You can object to our processing of your personal information at various moments. 
  • Data Portability: You can request your data portability to another organization for the specified reasons.

Note: Our team will respond to your request within thirty days.

WinnerAPK Privacy Policy About Children’s Information

In our Privacy Policy, we are giving immense importance to children’s safety when they are using our website. Moreover, guardians and parents can also analyze their children’s activities and also teach them about safe online activities. 

It is important to note that our website doesn’t get children’s personal traceable data under the age of thirteen years old. Moreover, you can ask our website to remove your children’s personal information if they have submitted it to us. 

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