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If you want to import or export textures then the Txd tool APK would be the one solving your problem.  TXD APK tool lets you do that on your cell phone. You can enjoy txd tool application. However; this should be on your mind that this application is an unofficial version to edit the textures.

And if you already know about editing textures or you are comfortable working in such an environment then. This application would be quite fruitful for your use. You can both import and export textures with this app.

Moreover; you can also perform other actions such as; removing renaming, editing the properties, overwriting, and more! The TXD tool apk supports a wide variety of formats. Almost all formats are supported by it, and you can easily import the textures images format, or even from the TXD Downloads files.

The application TXD tool also provides you with some loaded features such as; RLE Compression, Mip Maps, change the settings of compression. Changing the export format, opening locked TXD download archives, and much more to explore.

Just imagine how much fun your gaming can be if you know how to properly utilize the application to your advantage.

If you ever wanted to change the properties of the game. And want to edit the texture then TXD downloader is your chance as you can make things more interesting and amazing for your personalized experience.

So, feel free to simply download the application and start editing and adding textures, or manipulating it for your good.

Exploring TXD Tool apk

Now we have talked about what TXD App can do. But let us give you an example. If you have played GTA vice city or GTA San Andreas then you would also know that there are countless customized versions available too.

There are many modes that let you change the character. Or put you as a character, this adds to the fun to your game. If you want to change the character of GTA or want to use yourself as the main character, this can now be done very easily.

And this thing can be done with the help of TXD Tool apk, not only you can add things, but also alter the visuals of games, you get to have that game development power. So now make the game so much interesting as you want to, and GTA SA TXD editor is just an example, you can do this to many other games too.

Also, you might be wondering what does TXD  editor stands for, so guys. The TXD actually means texture dictionary.

It simply finds the texture files inside your desired game, and after finding the files it makes those files available so that you can edit the properties. If you already have a texture pack from other people or you have made some on your own. Then you can also import it and change the outlook of your GTA vice city. Moreover, this tool also can help in Surgeon Simulator, and Tomb Raider. But, if you do not have a texture pack or just want to edit the property, that you can do that too.

You can merge or split the files too, and all of that work will be done using your smartphone, which is a fascinating thing. It is not a similar tool to the SuperSU Pro and ExaGear Windows Emulator.

Requirements for Tool Download and Installation

It is important to talk about the requirements of the application. Since you would be editing your GTA Vice city game; this is why it is very important you install it on your smartphone. You can download TXD Tool APK from the given link below.

And also the game should run fine. If there is some error while running the game then you will also not be able to edit the texture. If you want to do that correctly then you must do it by making sure the game is running accurately.

Moreover; it is also important to know that you would require good hardware to run the application itself, the application TXD tool apk requires about 1 GB of RAM.

But you should go for higher RAM. And also the CPU should be 1.3 GHz or higher. Since it’s a development app that has texturing functions. So if you have a good phone, it will perform the changes fast. Vis Apps has developed this application.

What's new

Added Android 11 support
Added ability to open gui.txt cache
Fixed import with rebuild and cache rebuild when cache is located on external SD card

Fixed problem with accessing external SD card on Android 9 and up

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