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You all must have heard of the tomb raider series. It is indeed a fascinating game ever! I have completed the tomb raider 2013 on PC, and until now I did not know that the very same gameplay of Tomb Raider APK is also available on android smartphones. And if you are coming across tomb raider 2013 for the first time. I would definitely recommend you to go for it without looking for any other versions.

Lara Croft is the main protagonist in the tomb raider game. She is stranded on an island where first she and her crew thinks they are all alone. However; soon they come to know that something is not right as they are attacked by the local inhabitants.

Soon they come to know that there are forced to hide on the island which is keeping them to get off the island. And in order to get off the island, they must eliminate the threat first. The game is full of adventure; there are many things that you would need to find out in games. There are hidden tombs, each with its own unsolved mystery.

You will also find many threats such as hungry wolves, armed locals, steeper paths, harsh weather, boss fights, and much more in the tomb raider android apk free download file! In order to survive you need to upgrade your weapons and make sure you are ready to fight everything that gets in your way.

Enjoy various Levels and Gameplay in Tomb Raider APK

As you play the games through different levels your enemies get stronger as they get back with various weapons, so you need to develop survival instincts and get hold of various weapons. Your ultimate weapons will be stealth kills, your dagger, and your bow, and also some of the heavy firearms that you will get along your way. You can also use some other weapons that include explosives.

In the game you play as Lara croft, you will also find great treasures under the tombs, so first you need to explore the ancient tombs, every tomb has a story behind it and you get to explore the back story of the locals and history of the island which is fascinating at every turn in tomb raider for android game.

I myself did not explore all the tombs as some of them were just too difficult to complete. So, I focused on the main story and skipped some tombs. Can you explore all the tombs? The tombs are quite twisted and horrific, including deep caves, and definitely, some of them are beautiful and with picturesque sites. You must download and play Death Road to Canada after enjoying Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider 2013 Gameplay Screenshots

These are some of the best clicks we could have for tomb raider APK download version, and of course, this is not just it, you will find a lot in-game.


Key features of Tomb raider

Experience the original Lara Croft game that has the same intense story as the PC game. Solve numerous puzzles and find your way through the deadly path and mountains. Find resources to survive, experience different weapons and accuracy. This game also supports 720 High Definition results on the supported devices. This tomb raider android game is containing similarities to Bully Anniversary Edition.


How to Install Tomb Raider?

Installation is an important part; just downloading the game will not run it and just like how .exe works in windows Operating Systems. APK works for android. Download the Lara Croft APK and after you have downloaded it. Go to your file manager where the file is residing.

Make sure you have given the app permission so that it can install. You can allow the application via settings, go to security and make sure you have ticked the allow unknown sources on your phone to install. This process will be the same for apps and games including Left 4 Dead, and Dead Space.

After that just install the game. It will require the higher android version. And also you may need to be patient as the game is big, so it might take a while to install completely. And that is about it you have installed the game, now enjoy!


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