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This application is solely for the people who love animation or want to become animators. Have you ever wanted to animate on your own? If yes then RoughAnimator APK is for you.

We all adore animation and animated movies. Even if there is a small animated clip that does not fulfill the latest 3D animation standard still we love to see it. Because animated clip regardless of its type never fails to amaze us. And if you also want to become an animator then here is your fair chance to make use of rough animator APK and do some best 2D animation.

With the help of a RoughAnimator, you can create a very simple frame drawing on the screen which will, later on, act as your frames to animate. If you are new to animation then let me explain how animation works. Rough animator free download is available here.

If you are using a traditional animation application then you will have to draw your character or object which you want to animate. Animation happens due to frames. You draw your object on each frame and when you move those frames all at once then your object seems to play a motion video.

For example; if you have 24 frames. And you draw a ball on each frame but on different positions and with different transformations then upon playing that animation of 24 frames, it will appear as your object is now moving. This is as simple as that. There is no rocket science behind it. You may require some time to get used to it. However; you can do it once you get hold of it. So, let us get started and see what this application has to offer in terms of features.

RoughAnimator APK

The application RoughAnimator APK is the best animation APK for people who want to animate objects using the 2D plane; the application interface is very easy. You are given features and you can draw your object on the plane. And then simply click on the next frame button. This blurs the previous frame but also gives you a reference to draw your next frame. It is a different tool application from Txd Tool, and ExaGear Windows Emulator because it is being used for animation.

That way you can easily keep creating the animation without wasting too much time and difficulty. The application abounds with many features such as adjustment, settings. Environment and other features that help you draw better and bring interactivity to your animation. You can also color your objects very easily.

The Rough Animator App is very good however we recommend you have a tablet or a phone with a wider screen because that is how you will be able to draw easily on your screen. If you will have a smaller screen, it will become too congested and you will not be able to animate objects easily. But this is also a matter of personal preferences.

Moreover; the good news is that this application is paid but we are offering you to download it completely full version and for free. You can get this tool free of cost from Free Store and Mobilism.

Why should use this RoughAnimator APK?

The application offers you a timeline that gives you multiple layers to work with, you can very easily adjust the settings and properties such as; exposure, drawings, posing. Besides that there are some complex and underlying features that help you out with advanced animations such as; onion skin, scrubbing along a timeline, importing audio for the lip-syncing, retro scope animation by exporting video, custom brushes. Having preview playback of animation, supporting S pen of Samsung devices, Control framerate and resolution, and a lot more!

You will find and everything in this application. The application has so many features so you will have difficulty animating, but you may find it difficult to first get used to the tools. So, if you do not have any background for animation this is a good start to try some cool things. This is an animation creator HD free Application for animation lovers.

The application also offers you good export options such as GIF, Quick time video, and image sequence. Depending upon what format you would like. Also, you can import adobe flash animate, after effects, and Toon boom harmony files which really uplifts your animation experience. You can also use CM Launcher.


The application has been tested for all types of bugs, there are no crashes anymore. Unlike before when the app used to crash while merging layers. Also, it is now easier to slide between slides, and the application now remembers the last layer/frame for you. You can also organize the files in the folders now. This helps you keep your animated files intact and more professional. So if you are working on some project you will get lost in between.
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This is the RoughAnimator APK for you. Download it now for free from the given link below and get started with one of the coolest animation applications by just using your android smartphone. Here, the best animation app for android free download.

What's new

- Previews render faster, and it buffers to start playing while still rendering
- Bug fix: audio failed to play sometimes
- Bug fix: fill tool was inaccurate because it sampled based on the low res preview
- Bug fix: crash if playback range went past the end of the timeline

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