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If you are one of those people who have been playing games for a long time, then you must have heard of Nintendo gaming system. Now that gaming has changed so much but still some old games are hit to this time. And one of those games is punch hero MOD APK.

The game was developed by Gamevil, and the game was one of the biggest hit of that time. Some people also might not agree with me and say that the game is not that hit and they did not like it. But in terms of popularity and the fun element in the game we definitely cannot ignore the game.

In the game the fun element was you face different opponents, even you play as boxer but still your opponents are like soccer player, samurai and even ghosts. That sounds quite funny right? Exactly but that adds fun element in the game too.

Punch Hero Mod AK New Version 2022

If you are feeling excited about punch hero APK MOD, then we must tell you the MOD version has so many features and will let enjoy many premium features for free.

Another amazing thing about the game punch hero APK is that it is not ordinary original game; the game has been changed a lot. You will not experience the same old Nintendo graphics and gameplay.

Instead the game has new 3D graphics and so many features added. It is bright and will offer you better interface too. You can also download and play Wrestling Revolution 3D Game.

You can download punch hero MOD from the given download button, the newer version of game has been added to our library and it contains no virus or bugs. Feel free to download and enjoy complete premium and unlocked version of punch hero MOD APK.

Best Features of Game

Punch hero cheats are the best thing about this MOD as you will find everything unlocked. Also the story is quite good. The game lets you enjoy different attacking mods, such as; hook punches; upper cuts and other tackling techniques.

Your opponents will have different way of fighting; different players will not have same way of throwing punches. Instead you will have to adapt to their fighting style. Moreover; you will have many other competitors as you progress in game.

The game Punch Hero Mod APK is addictive, the interface, gameplay and graphics make it quite addictive even if you have not played this game before. You will enjoy it this time.

The game is also known as punch hero 2 as it is a new version of the original Nintendo punch hero that was released almost 30 years ago. Punch hero APK game also allows you to find the weakness of your opponents but that you will have to do it in real time. And you also get better in your fighting skills such as; throwing jabs, and hook punches.

Your opponent will not be bound by the boxing rules, so you should also get better in the fighting, and know how to win in the game. This makes the game more interesting as you never know what your opponent will be like.

Download punch hero MOD APK offline, you do not have to play it online. Just simply download it from here, install it and enjoy it without going online. That is why you can play it anywhere anytime, without connection to internet. You can also enjoy AFK Arena Game.

Why Download Punch Hero MOD APK

In the game you will have different 22 opponents that you will have to fight. And also you can win gold reward, you will use that reward to buy new skills and become stronger.

However; the MOD version will allow you to buy anything you like. You can have as many upgrades as you want and that will let you defeat your opponents easily.

Features in a nutshell:

  • Best user friendly interface
  • Easy control
  • Enjoy best boxing
  • High graphics
  • Good sound effects
  • Cool graphic texture
  • Enjoy it in 3D


The game punch hero is worth playing. Not only will it bring your old memories if you have played it on Nintendo. But also it is a good game if you are into boxing game with a twisting angle.

Installing Punch Hero Mod APK is also very easy. You would not have to root your device. Just install it and enjoy the full free premium version. Stay tuned for more games and best APK tools.

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