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We all are well acquainted with the PUBG mobile. The game is one of the most loved and played shooting games. Today we bring you PUBG MOD APK.

The game is simple in which you are landed on a battlefield full of skilled snipers and shooters. And you will have to make your way through the battlefield alive, the last standing man lives.

The game is so much fun when you can customize your weapons and costumes, which is why you would love the game if you really get into it. The game has 100 best shooters which you have to kill in order to survive; the one who would be the last surviving will win the game.

If you are new to PUBG APK and still wondering what PUBG actually means then it stands for Player Unknown Battle Ground.  PUBG mobile mod APK game is also available for multiple devices; you can enjoy the game on your laptop or PC too.

But it just makes the game so much fun when you are playing it on your smartphone. But if you have already played PUBG then you are probably here for the MOD version.

And if you do not know the difference between the main and MOD versions, then let us discuss it a little bit because the PUBG MOBILE MOD is a totally different thing. And the features you will get on this MOD version will vary totally from the ordinary version of PUBG.

How to download PUBG Mobile Game?

The MOD version is totally free to download from this site, just click on the given download link and your PUBG Mod APK file will start to download. And also you do not have to worry about any dead links, bugs, or game errors.

We have tested the application, and all of our APK files are tested and have been downloaded hundreds of times. Stay tuned for more updated files.

Features of PUBG MOD APK

PUBG GAME APK is a simple shooting game in which you have to shoot other players in order to survive and win the game. The game is not complex it has simple and basic rules. And the game you play is in the third-person perspective. You can choose the first-person view too in PUBG Mod APK. But if you talk about the difference in the MOD version then there are multiple features that you cannot find in an ordinary version, let us discuss those features one by one. Below we have discussed those features in detail.

Before we proceed further to explore the MOD features, let me explain to you how you can download and install the game. When you download this APK file, you are going to enjoy a fantastic game. After that installation is quite straightforward too.

In the game PUBG, you have Medkits that you can use to treat yourself when you are shot and injured, but those Medkits are limited. But in the PUBG MOD APK version, you can have as many Med Kits as you want. And that is how you can proceed with the game. The other features are you get to have an unlimited amount of cash, it makes things quite easier for you, enjoy your chicken dinner after killing all your opponents. You can also play AVP Evolution.


If you have not yet heard of an aimbot and still enjoying PUBG, then it is time you get across it now. With the help of aimbot now you can easily kill your enemies on the battlefield.

It helps you have nice shot, and you would feel more flexible with the help of aimbot in PUBG Mod APK. This offers you superiority over your enemies and it allows you to win the battle on the battlefield. PUBG Aimbot is a beat feature indeed and you will get it in this MOD version for free.


PUBG mobile game APK MOD version also offers you a unique feature which is known as Wall, now with this feature you can be aware of who is hidden behind the walls. In fact, you can be very much aware of who is after you.

Realistic Weapons:

Another best thing about the MOD PUBG game is that it looks quite real; the graphics quality is also quite good. The quite nice thing you would is the real weapons.

So, you are more likely to enjoy the game with realistic and powerful weapons. Another cool feature of PUBG MOD APK is that you will have a good range of weapons; there are many weapons that you can select to win over your enemies.

You can also play Free Fire.


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