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Have you ever wanted to play a villain? If yes then Plague Inc Premium APK would be the best game for you. However; in most cases, we know that we do not want to be villains and we only love to save the world. And want to do things that help others.  But definitely sometimes for fun, we might want to play as the main villain or a cause of destruction for the whole world.

Plague Inc Premium APK Latest Version is the same type of game that would allow you to do that kind of villain stuff. In this game, you get to choose what kind of deadly virus you want to give to this world.

As we know we are recently suffering from Covid-19 and this even gets a little hard to think we are talking about a deadly virus again. But no worries, it is just a game. It is a fun game that you can simulate to kill your time and take things from a different perspective. So, basically no harm in playing this deadly game, simply download and enjoy.

We are talking about the premium version of this game. After you download it you will not be restricted in terms of features. You will enjoy the full version of this game. Plague Inc Premium Free is a mod and unlocked version. So enjoy as much as you want.

The game is also very addictive, even though you play a negative role, yet you can enjoy many things. The game has great flexibility and features. That offers you various types of things to do in the game. For example; you can decide how many people would get infected with the virus. Moreover; you can choose the type of virus too. So, you get to decide pretty much everything, even the locations.

Why should I play Plague Inc?

In the game Plague Inc All Unlocked APK, you can create new viruses and new microbes. And after people are infected they also start to find new antidotes for it. This creates a realistic atmosphere.

Another deadly thing is you can get your virus to mutate; it gets even deadlier and becomes lethal. That way more people get to die, however; it is all up to you.

In the game, you can study different things, different technologies that help you with understanding different vicious plans against people. Here you are talking about killing millions of people. So call yourself a mad genius or pure evil. Whatever you like, but that is what it is. You also get different virus spreading methods and tricks in the Plague Inc Full Version APK Unlocked Version.

So basically everything is on you, creating virus, selecting type of, selecting how you will infect people, how many people and at which location. Scary isn’t it?

If you are a person who is kind then surely this game is not made for you, the game has purely evil plans for humanity.

But also if you just want to try it out for fun then why not? You should give it a go; one must play all types of games to experience what the game offers. Moreover, you can also play Clash of Lights and Clash of Magic.

Best game with realistic AI

Apart from the game Plague Inc APK story and what you can do, the AI is also quite appreciable in this game. The game has been built very intelligently. It has an effective management system of how you want to manage and manipulate viruses in the game. That is also why the game is not quite easy to play.

If you like challenges then you should play this game, and challenge your brain. However; the game is difficult, but it offers you a tutorial on how to play it. This makes it easier for you to understand basic things and plan on the basis of tutorial

The game Plague Inc Premium APK gives you 12 different deadly viruses and diseases to go along with, you can choose any of those and choose different locations to do your deadly evil things.

The game offers you a save feature too, which is very helpful as the game is quite challenging. You may lose the entire battle or your plan will fail if you make the wrong move. So, it is advisable you save your game before proceeding with your missions.

Another thing is that game offers you 50 countries, which means you get to infect any of the listed countries. You can decide how many people will get through the disease.

Get Premium Version for Free

The game falls under the premium category, however; if you download it from the link below then you can get it for free. This game is a full version and you can download and install it without any problem. The Plague Inc Mod APK full version game offers you many in-game features and flexibility to play. Do you love playing puzzle games? If yes, let’s play the Monument Valley game.

Moreover; the game has been tested for everything, there are no bugs and viruses in the game. And the graphical and audio quality is very good too.

What's new

Can you save the world? Take control and stop a deadly global pandemic. Allocate resources to boost testing capacity, make facemasks compulsory, lock down countries or develop a vaccine in Plague Inc.'s biggest expansion ever!
Created with the help of health experts from all over the world including the WHO, CEPI and GOARN, The Cure is an engaging and timely simulation of a global disease response.
It will be free for all Plague Inc. players until COVID-19 is under control.

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