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If you love playing horror games then left for dead APK would be no exception, all horror game fans have played the game, the very first part of left 4 dead on pc created great hype among gamers, and today we are going to talk about the same on the game on Android, Left 4 Dead APK.

Left 4 Dead is a great horror pc game that was definitely first released on the PC platform, and the game got famous pretty soon. It is a first-person survival game. And you have other team members with you who work together to survive the grim nightmare.

The game abounds with blood-thirsty zombies, and if you think they are the ordinary zombies who walk slowly, then you must think again. The zombies in the Left 4 dead game run like hell, they have full speed and they can reach you any moment.

That is why you have to be very sharp and make sure your weapons are loaded all the time, you can never run out of ammo, because if you do. You might end up dead. Left 4 dead downloads are available here.

Also, the best strategy of the Left 4 dead game is to ensure you walk in the group; you have other 3 friends with you, so if you try to be a hero and move far from the group, your survival chances reduce to a great extent. Believe me, I have been there. Left4dead 2 free download is also available on our website.

The overall game is awesome; I still cannot believe that they have launched the game for smartphones, now you can enjoy the very same atmosphere on your mobile screen. You can easily download left4dead2.

Game Play of Left 4 Dead APK

The game offers you different weapons and each player has its own specialty and weapon types, you can choose from them and play uniquely. The gameplay is also very grim, as a player you get a flashlight to see in the dark, also the flashlight attracts zombies. So what do you do? You keep playing in dark or dare to keep it on and fight off… the choice is yours.

Of course, the main task in your game is to avoid or deal with the zombies, however; you can also roam around to find ammunition and a health pack. Without that, you will not be able to survive much longer. left 4 dead 2 android game brings new innovation in your game strategy.

In left 4 dead gameplay you get various main weapons along with the other secondary weapons, such as long-range shooting guns that would include sniper rifles. Let’s enjoy another adventure game Bully Anniversary Edition.

Moreover; you get to have explosives such as; flares, smoke bombs, and explosive bombs. And do not forget the classic melee attack which might save your life when you run out of ammo. So, pretty much the game is just like you are experiencing it on PC. Don’t forget to check the latest version of Surgeon Simulator, and GTA Vice City

Key features of left 4 dead APK

In order to play the Left 4 dead on your smartphone, make sure you have a good phone, and it meets the requirements. Another best thing about the game is that it supports multiplayer mode. So, if you want to enjoy the game with your friends. You can do it.

The game also comes along with a rating system that uploads your rating to evaluate the players. Left 4 dead 2 has many other features such as 5 campaigns. And it might come to you as a surprise that left 4 dead 2 have an abundance of weapons. There are more than 200 new weapons, such as; a baseball bat, swords, chainsaws, and much more! You can also enjoy a similar game Dead Space.

You can also follow along with a storyline mode which is just to complete the basic story of the game and survive till the end. The graphical details are also very improved in this part, you can see the depth in zombies and the overall texture is good too. Moreover, left 4 dead 2 free mobile game download latest version has new features.

Final thoughts


The game left 4 dead and part two left 4 dead 2 are both great, they abound with lurking zombies and give you a good challenge to survive the night. Also, the game has many thrilling moments which you might love.

Especially if you are a horror fan this game is for you, and now you can enjoy it on your smartphone. You can download the complete game Left 4 Dead APK file from the link below. And also leave your comment. Have fun playing the game. More will be uploaded soon. Click below for left4dead free download.

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