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If you are tired of using normal browsers for browsing over the internet and want to find out the safest browser then today we have brought you Keepsafe premium APK. This browser is one of the most used and best-secured browsers that will be providing you with a very good browsing experience.

The Keepsafe premium APK is the browser that can be used for both iOS and Android smartphones. From this you can figure out there is a huge audience who likes to use this browser on a daily basis. You can also explore Betternet Premium to get benefits.

The best thing about the browser is that it is very light in its weight. It means that now you can browse all day long. And your smartphone will not feel heavy.

If your smartphone feels heavy it starts to lag the mobile. And even the web pages get heavy. And as a result, they do not open fast.

So, if you want a fast browsing experience. The Keepsafe app is the best option for you. Moreover; the browser we are talking about will provide you with premium features. We are not discussing an ordinary or keep-safe old version.

Is Keepsafe Premium APK Virus Free to Download?

We are talking about a premium browser with premium features that has some best options and security at the same time, you can download Keepsafe browse from the given link below.

We have tested the browser for all kinds of viruses and malware there is no issue with the application.

Feel free to safely download the application and enjoy it on your smartphone. There is already a huge audience that is enjoying this browser. Let us talk about some other features of this splendid mobile browser. You can also use a secured application such as Flud Pro.

Benefits of Keepsafe Browser

The browser Keepsafe premium APK has many best features, unlike the ordinary version now you can avoid the ads. If you do not like the annoying advertisements popping over and over. Then you should probably give this browser a go.

In many browsers showing ads is a must. But you can totally avoid this in Keepsafe APK. Another best thing about the browse is its security level. You can also use a pin code to lock your browser. It means that now all your data and browsing is safe.

This is a very unique feature that not many browsers offer you. Our browsing data is also quite personal. And we might not want people to open our browser as we do not want people to open up our gallery.

Thanks to this browser, now you can secure it. You can also choose touch ID. That allows you to open your browser fast.

Having both options offers you flexibility and you can choose any sign-in option you want. But most people want to go for a touch ID since it is fast and more secure. Keep safe download link is given below you can download it by clicking on the download button.

This is not just about keeping safe APK. There are other cool features too; let us shed light on what else you can get in this browser.

Features of Keep Safe Premium APK

The browser Keepsafe Premium APK indeed is the mastermind of features and I personally love it for it is features that keep your safety at its peak, number one thing is you can hide any photo you want. If you want nobody to interfere in your privacy and you must also give your cell phone to them then you can lock your browser quite easily, but if you do not want to lock the browser and also want to give your phone then you can also lock or hide any photo in the mobile.

This keeps your privacy very safe, and nobody can see the photos you have on your phone. You can also use Photopills APK.

Another best thing about the browser which I absolutely love is its fake backup pin creation feature. Now let us assume you are forced to give your password, then you cannot say no. in that case you can generate a fake pin that you will give to someone who is forcefully asking for your pin code. It will log in but will only show a fake folder with your set up images, it will look like that it has your data images, but your real data will be safer and will be accessed with the other pin. Keep safe photo vault is a great way to keep your data hidden and protected from any other person.

Usually, you cannot get all these features if you are not a premium user, however; with our modified version you can make use of all these features, and can enjoy your safety by Keepsafe Premium APK browser.

To download the browser click on the given link below and it will download your APK file instantly, for more wonderful applications stay tuned to Winner APK.

What's new

This version of Photo Vault includes small fixes for:
- Private Cloud Sync resuming after being paused and re-enabled
- Crash at app open

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