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Granny is an adventure game that consists of both challenges and enjoyment. Therefore, Granny Mod APK is fantastic but difficult to play the game.  In this horror game, you have to depart from your room in five days. Therefore, you must search for hints and utilize all items to depart from the room. It is important to keep yourself attentive in this game because Granny will definitely kill you whenever she heard your noise. The modded version will help to escape you from the granny monster. 

Granny Menu Mod brings excellent features to your gaming experience. In the Granny game mode version, you will see a menu at the left corner of the interface. The menu is exceptional to allow the users to play Granny in a normal mode when you are not using the menu. The God mode menu will restrict the granny from killing you at any stage of the game. Moreover, you will become capable of killing the granny to cease her for one and a half minutes. Therefore, this game will bring more fun for its players.

The Granny in this game is not a typical Granny because she is a fantastic zombie cloak and gameplay. That’s why you need to depart before Granny kills you. The developers have used the best graphics to give an excellent game experience to the users. This game is available free of cost for every user around the world. You can also download and install Chapters MOD APK Version 2022.

Granny Mod APK Gameplay

The gameplay of Granny is fantastic for every game lover. You also search the house to get the maximum number of items in helping you in the departure within five days. You use a shotgun to kill Granny and a hammer to break the lumbers of wood. The house presently has two attics and one garage area on the five floors. Every player has to remove the barriers on the main door or renovate the car, which is in need of petrol, sparking plug, oil pump, engine parts, car battery, and instruments.  

Granny Mod APK File

The players in this game can hide in the closets or beds so that Granny can’t kill them. If Granny gets any player, she oscillates the baseball bat to hit the player’s head which ends the day. The game day can also be ended when the players get injured due to a fall from a fleecy griddle or the erratic floor in the mansard. If Granny caught the player on the last day, one “game-over” message will be displayed, Granny will attack the player on the lower floor, hit by the car in the parking area, or the player’s head will be cleaved with the decapitation in the courtyard, and slumping on the bear jaws due to the fragile garret floor. 

The players can use a crossbow to shoot Granny in a defending position and force her to go over the ice puss, moving her to the sauna for a longer time. Moreover, a shotgun helps you to get rid of Granny for fifteen seconds in Extreme mode, thirty seconds in Hard mode, one minute in Medium mode, and two minutes in Easy mode. In Nightmare mode, you will note an increase of thirty seconds in every mode. There is a new addition to Monster Legends Gameplay.

Granny Mod APK Features

  • It’s a fact that you will get bored by the continuous use of any android app for a long time due to the limited content which is an alarming situation for the app developers. However, the gameplay of Granny Mod APK is brilliant with excellent game modes and various levels to test the users’ skills in the dynamic layout. 
  • The developer has introduced new challenges in the gameplay. Moreover, the new concept is that you remain in the house forever if you will not be able to run away from the house within five days. Therefore, you need to develop an outstanding game strategy to depart from the house to keep yourself safe from the Granny.  
  • The gameplay will keep you attentive because you will be caught by the Granny if you leave even a single thing in the house. Moreover, the Granny APK version helps to cover your tracks to avoid the attack of Granny. Granny will eat you immediately after catching you in the game. So, you must avoid noise when coming out of the house. 
  • Download Granny Mod APK to get several hidden cupboards and rooms in the house where you can keep yourself safe from the Granny. Moreover, you think carefully to bring the excellent solution to escape the house.

Granny APK Version

What’s new in the Granny Modded Version

This game Granny APK Mod allows you to visit Granny’s house and search for concealed secrets. The mod version is the ice on the tasty cake to facilitate the users with the benefit of getting no damage to defeat the strong enemies to dominate the game. This amazing benefit helps you in bearing the damages and playing this game for a long time. Therefore, the Granny Mod APK file is the best choice for every game lover. You can check the latest version of Dragon City Game.

How to Download Granny Mod APK?

You can download the Mod APK file from the given download link on this webpage. So, you have to click on the given link on your PC or smartphone. From here, you have to allow unknown sources and permissions to download Granny game on your device. 

Granny APK file

How to Install Granny Modded Version

  • Click on the downloaded file from the folder
  • You will see Installation message on the screen
  • Now, click the button of ‘Install’
  • Allow the installation of a program from the unknown sources
  • The installation process will begin just after allowing the installation of an app from unknown sources
  • After installation, you can enjoy the Granny Mod APK version

Frequently Asked Questions About Granny Mod APK

Q1: How can I download Granny Mod APK?

Answer: You can download Granny modded version from our website WinnerAPK with full guidance.

Q2: How can I install Granny on My Android or iOS Device?

Answer: You can easily install the Granny modified version on your Android or iOS device by going through this article.

Q3: Can I play Granny on PC/Mac?

Answer: Yes, you can play Granny on your Mac or PC by using the Windows emulator.

Q4: Can APK file harm my device?

Answer: No, downloading an APK file from our website can’t harm your device because we upload an APK file after checking for any virus.

Q5: How can I get unlocked premium features free of cost?

Answer: You can get unlocked premium features free of cost through this Mod file.


It is the most trending game among various games available on Google Playstore. This amazing game has an excellent record of downloads on both Android and PC due to the awesome tasks and hidden places. The primary mission of WinnerAPK is to provide both file and full information, particularly about this Granny Mod APK game. Hopefully, you will enjoy this game with your beloved ones. Furthermore, you can give suggestions or ask questions in the comments. Thank you!

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