DMCA Policy

Our website has DMCA policy. Here, DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It represents copyright laws notifications for our website. Moreover, it also guides the users to submit a copyright violation objection.

It’s our responsibility to protect cognitive property. Therefore, our team requests our users to perform the same thing. This is the WinnerAPK website’s policy to quickly answer the prominent information of claimed copyright violation. Moreover, our DMCA policy is compatible with the DMCA Law of 1998 of the USA.  The DMCA copyright law of the USA is available on the website.

What is the consideration for submission of a copyright objection?

You must remember whether the material is authorized or not. Therefore, you have a desire to ask the attorney before the submission of a copyright violation objection with our team.

At WinnerAPK, we will share a copy of your objection with the authority that is involved in the copyright violation activity. When your information is processed, you can hire an agent for copyright issues.

Messages of violation for DMCA Policy

Are you the owner of a copyright material present on our website WinnerAPK and violating your copyright? If yes, you can write a copyright violation message to our team through the contact us form. Moreover, all of these copyright violation messages must be compatible with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy.

The first step is to fill a DMCA objection in the process of legal action. Our team at WinnerAPK will analyze your objection for lawfulness, correction, and integrity. Once, your objection is according to the mentioned requirements. After that, we will remove the copyright violation content.

When we remove the copyrighted content, we will also contact the users o inform them about the issue resolution. Therefore, our response will consist of your copyright message and guideline for the submission of a counter-message.

There is no contrary in the content of this policy for the users. Moreover, we have the right to accept or reject any DMCA violation notification when notification is not compatible with the DMCA requirements.

Counter-notifications for Digital Millennium Copyright Act

It is a right of every user to conduct a counter-notification in response to a copyright violation notification according to the Copyright Act. Moreover, we send a confirmation of copyright violation notification once we remove the violated content on our website. You need to read carefully the Notification information to submit a counter-notification to our website. Moreover, you also give a written communication objection with respect to the DMCA law requirements.

This process makes sure this specific policy doesn’t bound our team to take a look at any other complaint regarding the content violation.

Alterations & Improvements

Our website WinnerAPK has a right to alter this DMCA policy any time without any notification. When we bring alterations, our team will update the date at the end of this webpage and also show a notification on the main webpage to inform our users. Moreover, we can use any digital way to inform you about our policy change.

The new version of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy takes place with specific changes.

How to report Copyright Infringement for DMCA Policy?

Being a user of our website, you can inform us about the content violation on our website through

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