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Have you ever got a chance to play a science fiction horror game? If not then you must try this dead space APK right away. Provided that you are a horror game fan. If not then you might not like the game because it will scare the hell out of you… the game dead space is also not for the weak heart people.

As it has many moments where you are surrounded in such a grim atmosphere where you would want nothing but to pause the dead space (mobile game) and catch your breath for a while.

Just like we other games we presented this game was also for pc and later on, we have been able to find the best version for smartphones. Now you can enjoy exactly the same environment, action, weapons, and everything on your smartphones.

Also, you will experience a very rich audio quality in dead space [android]. So do not forget to put on your earphone while you enjoy this horror game. The evil monsters lurking around in dead space are known as Necromorph. And the very different thing from other games is you cannot kill those monsters (Necromorph) unless you cut off their limbs…. You can shoot them as many times as you want but if their limbs are not separated from their bodies, they do not die. The concept is not similar to Left 4 Dead that is also an adventure game.

And that is why you must kill them by the cut of their limbs. And this also creates another horror and grim impact. The game will surely make you think twice while you proceed with other games. This game comes in a third-person shooter environment. This means you can see the character “Isaac Clarke” who must fight his way out and find a way to put an end to this nightmare. Dead space mobile free download is available here.

You can download Dead Space APK version by clicking button

Gameplay visuals and controls of Dead Space APK

Gameplay visuals are very good, the lightning effects are admirable, you will experience some cutting-edge visuals, that will not only create a bone-chilling atmosphere, but also you will experience the best graphical details, adding to the horror. Despite many weapons and options, you will not find it difficult to control your game. There is an on-screen HUD which makes the features very accessible for you in dead space android game.

You get 6 different environments to fight your way through deadly places. The on-screen controls are also very easy to navigate your character. However; if you are new to gaming, or even playing first time on your android then it might be a little hard to play. But with time you can understand the controls and gameplay to it, just give yourself a little time. The game lovers also enjoy GTA Vice City, Bully Anniversary Edition, and Vector Full game.

Weapons and Classic Modules

To deal with Necromorph you get to have a strong plasma Saw and heavy-duty core extractor, which are the classical and most used weapons of dead space game. In fact, in every series of dead space, these weapons are the first choice.

But as the game continues you get to upgrade weapons as the monsters also get stronger and you have many more threats to deal with. You will get many weapons in the dead space app. And also learning to upgrade them is a very important skill.

Another thing that you can use as a weapon and a great tool is Stasis and kinesis. It is the ability to stopping the time, well… not exactly the stopping but you can slow the speed of moving objects. And this is very important when you have to deal with many Necromorphs at once. You can use Stasis on them and make them slow and shoot the hell out of all of them.

Also, use kinesis to lift any object, and throw it at high speed, this can be a very deadly weapon, and also a very effective technique when you are running on low ammo and do not want to waste your precious bullets, then you can use kinesis to use sharp or any object to throw at the monsters.

And if you do not find anything to throw, find any limbs of other monsters and throw it, gross, but best survival technique. And it is the ultimate technique in dead space APK. Dead space downloadable file enables you to play game in a fantastic way.

Requirements of dead space APK

Although the game dead space is now available on the android platform. Yet you must use the latest android version to enjoy the game, the preferable version is 9.0 Pie. The game also might run on the previous versions or devices, but the recommended version is android pie. But definitely no harm in trying it out on your device. Moreover, you can also download dead space 2 mods.

Also, the game is a little heavy so make sure you close all the other applications while running dead space APK. Also, charge your smartphone completely. Because in low battery mobile goes under power-saving mode. And in power saving mode the power of the processor and overall power is reduced to save the battery. So, it might reduce the quality of the game. Don’t forget to check out Tomb Raider APK and Death Road to Canada APK.


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