Cookies Policy for WinnerAPK

Our website WinnerAPK has the Cookies Policy to improve the user experience on our website.

What is Cookies Policy?

Every professional website is using a policy for the use of cookies. Therefore our website is also using a cookies policy. Basically, cookies are the small parts that are downloadable on desktop and mobile devices to boost the users’ experience.

This webpage represents the collected information and its use in the storage of cookies on various devices. Moreover, we will inform the users about the storage of cookies. It can also cause a ‘break’ to the specific parts of the website.

Purpose of Cookies Policy

Our website utilizes cookies for different purposes. Unluckily, there are no specific premium choices for avoiding the cookies without entirely rendering the site functionality.  We suggest our users abandon the cookies if they are unsure about the use of cookies for a website.

Rendering Cookies

You can check the cookies setting to manage your browser setting for cookies. Remember that rendering cookies can change the working of the website on your browser. Cookies rendering will also render the website functionality. Therefore, we recommend our users enable the cookies on the browser.

Cookies We Use on User’s Browser

WinnerAPK is using the CookiesIn method for providing an exceptional user experience. Therefore, users can manage their browser preference for site usage. The purpose of using cookies is to help the users in their preferences when they open any webpage of our website.

Third-Party Cookies Policy

In the specific circumferences, we utilize third-party cookies on our users’ browsers. We use cookies for the following purposes:

  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is the best solution for analyzing our website. Moreover, it is useful for our team to track the usage of our website and methods for user experience improvement. These cookies tell us the time duration you have spent on our website. Moreover, we also come to know about the most visited web pages through Google Analytics. For more, you can check Google Analytics Cookies Policy.
  • Google Adsense:  We use Google Adsense on our website for advertisement purposes. Moreover, DoubleClick cookies will show the user’s most relevant Ads on various web pages.

More Information

Hopefully, you have got a clarification regarding the cookies policy. So, it is your choice to enable or disable the cookies to experience the different web pages of our website. If you still have any confusion or suggestion, you can inform us through

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