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Have you heard of Busuu premium APK, if not yet then it is time you hear about it especially if you are a person who likes to learn different languages? That is specifically for the language learning purpose and indeed it is one of the best applications too.

But there are so many other applications too that are best and will work more efficiently, and if we talk about Busuu premium APK then it is also the best application that will surely keep up with you.

The Busuu has been teaching people from all over the world, and people just love learning through Busuu premium APK. Not only the learning interface is easy, but also there are many premium features that you can make use of.

Learning a language can be hard but that is not true when you are equipped with the right tools to learn. The application Busuu will provide you with various languages to learn, that you can learn at your own pace, you would not have to rush things as most language learning applications.

Busuu full APK can be downloaded from the given download button below. You can download the full version for free. And also download is safe and the application contains no viruses or any bugs.

We are not talking about an ordinary version of Busuu, instead, we are talking about Busuu premium that will offer you all premium and quality features for your learning. We all have heard of the Duolingo application.

What new in Busuu Premium APK?

With Busuu learn languages and spend your time effectively. The app has so many features to keep educating you about different languages. You can set a daily schedule too, in which the app will ask you to learn and give you certain exercises to practice your language.

Busuu also gives you language learning-related courses such as phonics, this uplifts your learning too, and you can advance your communication. The exercises are to check if you can hear the words properly. That improves your listening skills.

The grammatical lessons are also very good and explanatory; even if you miss something and do not understand at first then you can repeat the lessons. This ensures you will learn at your own pace.

Another amazing feature is letting you choose the topic you want to study. This will make you better at the things you are not good at, and you will learn that specific language portion.

It will not only keep you aware of your current learning status. But also you will know how much more you need to learn to complete your learning goals. Let us check out some other features of Busuu premium APK.

In this app you will have a self-study option too with the progress bar and so many lessons to complete, this will greatly help you with your learning capabilities and you will learn it professionally. The application also covers every major thing, such as; grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and many other things like that. You can learn guitar by using Guitar Tuna.

Features of Busuu Premium APK:

  • Do as much practice you want on your desired language
  • Practice conversational skills
  • Learn complex conversation with native speakers
  • Create your own study plan and learn at your own pace
  • Get the most out of the progress bar and see your learning status
  • Learn vocabulary and build it gradually with time
  • Learn grammar and have the option to repeat as many times as you want
  • Get certified after successfully completing the course


The app is also quite highly rated on Google Play Store, people love this app from all over the world and you will definitely love the app for its great teaching and easy interface.

Moreover; the premium features of the app will make it easier for you to explore every option and learn fast. You can download the app from the given download button for free. If you want solve Math problems, you can install Mathway Premium.

How to install the app?

Installing applications is the same as our other applications. After that, your installation will begin.

Just before that make sure your mobile has allowed you to install third-party applications.  This is due to not downloading the Busuu Premium APK directly from Google Play Store.

What's new

No time to learn a language? Juggling work, studies, gym, family, friends and other hobbies?
Take the stress out of learning languages with a personalised and adaptive Study Plan that fits around your life.
Set your goals and your schedule
Generate a plan based on your availability
Work towards an estimated completion date, in small, achievable steps
Learning a language has never been simpler.

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