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Rockstar Vancouver has developed this video game of action-adventure. Moreover, Rockstar Games have published this game too. Bully Anniversary Edition APK is available here for game lovers. Moreover, Bully was originally released as Canis Canem Edit in the PAL region. The developers have released PlayStation 2 on 17 October 2006. The mostly Rockstar games are based on the original gameplay, humorous tongue-in-cheek, the tradition of groundbreaking, and storytelling invades.

This game is based on the life story of Jimmy Hopkins. The bully entered the worst school of Bulworth. In this game, all of the characters can’t distinct themselves by their excellent behavior. So, brute force is presented in the game to increase the players’ interest level. With the time, schoolchildren in the game will become the supporter or followers of brutal rules.

The gamePlay of Bully Anniversary Edition APK

The players will do their best on the bully’s skin. They have to adjust themselves in the new environment for better running of amok with freedom. Moreover, players have to fight against the bullies, grabbing other people’s things, setting down new rules, and damaging the other players in a better way.

As a devilish fifteen years old Jimmy Hopkins, you have to go through the social hierarchy of the rotting and crook prep school, Bullworth Academy. Go straight to the bullies, get chased by the teachers, beat the players at the feint ball, and keep playing the pranks with other players. So, you can survive up to one year in the worst ground of school either win or lose a girl in this game. You can also other similar games such as Left 4 Dead.

The APK file of Bully Anniversary Edition available at WinnerAPK is containing the idea of critically acclaimed Bully. Scholarship Edition is supporting the high-resolution displays, improved textures and lighting, excellent graphics, and redesigned controls for better gameplay, and the addition of multiplayer with new challenges. The portion of Friend Challenges in the game are head-to-head arcade and classroom in the design of stylish mini-games. You can see the fastest dissection of a frog in Biology, solving the words game in English, helping the squirrel in damaging his enemies.


These are the interesting features of Bully Anniversary Edition:

  • The complete story of Bully
  • Addition of new characters
  • Latest missions
  • New mini-games of classroom
  • Unlocked items
  • Perfect gaming graphics
  • Excellent lighting
  • Textures with high-resolution
  • Particle and shadow effects
  • Addition of TouchSense Tactile Effects
  • Supportive for high-resolution screen display
  • Support for a physical controller
  • The flexibility of cloud saving of game on different devices through Rockstar Games Club
  • Addition of contextual buttons for intelligent touch controls
  • Availability of multiplayer Friend Challenges to play with your friends

Complete Bully Package:

It is not just only a game from the series but other versions of this game are also available. Moreover, it is similar to the fictional series Manhunt and GTA Vice City Series. So, it is a complete package of the Bully Anniversary Edition Game. You will see new missions, characters, activities, minim-games of classrooms, and unlocked premium features in the Scholarship Edition. You will enjoy using the assets of other versions in the game. The developers have improved the gameplay of Bully Scholarship Edition APK by ten times.

High-Quality Graphics

Bully free APK is containing high-quality graphics for Android devices. So, your mobile phone has the capability to run the best games. So, a mobile phone with excellent graphics can easily run this game for the users. The graphics are compatible with the android mobiles having a RAM of more than 4GB. The developers have developed this game in such a way that users with low-end mobile phones can play this game easily. However, you will face issues with graphics for the best gameplay when playing this game on low-end phones. The high-quality graphics are improving the gameplay of Bully Anniversary Edition Game APK.

Game Strategy

It is like the “tip of the iceberg” but the players have several chances to show their master skills. The point of getting recognition so students of various groups including nerds, jocks, and athletes can easily recognize your authority. So, it is a game of winning game against several other players. The bully APK free download file is including all unlocked features. Bully Anniversary Edition Free is available for every player around the world. The core purpose of Bully Anniversary Edition APK Download is to enable users to easily download the game from our website.

The main character (Hero) must take part in the school controversy, entering the classroom, and be accountable for the penalties assigned by the teachers. Download bully APK and get a chance to form the words, doing chemistry experiments, do sports competitions, and solving problems. Moreover, the output or result of levels is relying upon the execution timeliness. You will have a specific time to complete a task. So, you must keep the timer in your mind that will start after lights out.


This is a fictional videogame for the users who are playing this game around the world. It is not based on any actual entity/person/event. So, any similarity will be coincidental. So, we have uploaded the Bully APK file on our website so that users can easily download and play this game. Moreover, you can download Bully Anniversary Edition APK Free Download file by clicking the Download button given below.

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What's new

Android 9.0 support.

General bug fixes and improvements.

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