How to Allocate More Ram to Steam Games in 2022

Gamers are always looking for new ways to smooth and boost their gaming experience on Steam Games. One of the most frustrating aspects of gaming is when your game lags and FPS gets dropped while you’re enjoying your game.

Steam has a minimum requirement of 1GB RAM to run smoothly. And this is already a sizable amount for machines equipped with 4GB or less RAM when running Windows 10/8/7 32-bit. On top of that, Steam games can take up anywhere from 300MB to 15GB on average. However, it depends on the game and its content. Although there are ways within each game to improve performance through tweaking specific settings. Most gamers resort to upgrading their computers entirely so that they can meet Steam’s minimum requirements more effectively.

Sometimes, due to poor internet connection, we get lag in games. But do you know that low FPS problems are not the result of a bad network? It happens because gamers have allocated insufficient RAM for their Steam usage or their computer system’s hard drive (Normally Disk C) is not fast enough. If the issue is with the hard drive, in this case, installing an SSD would also improve load times and boost the system. After installing the SSD, reinstall your operating system and Steam on the SSD.

But fortunately, there are some quick fixes you can make to play your games smoothly on Steam. I’m here today to tell you how you can allocate more RAM to your Steam game so that it runs smoother and faster. Below are a few methods to give more RAM to Steam and play your game smoothly. So, let me walk you through the process step by step. Moreover, you can also learn¬†How to Run APK Files on Windows in 2022.

Task Manager RAM Allocation to Steam Games

Do know that you can only allocate as much as RAM usable on your PC or Laptop. But firstly, you should check how much of your RAM is usable. To check this, follow these steps.

  • Open your File Explorer
  • From the left menu, go to This PC
  • Right click and click on properties
  • There you will see your total RAM and how much of it is usable

There can be an issue if only half of your RAM is usable. This can cause problems in performance if there is no sufficient usable RAM available to allocate to the Steam.

If you have a good usable memory available, then it’s time to start working on allocating more RAM to your Steam. Follow these steps:

  • Move your mouse cursor to the taskbar
  • Right click, a menu will appear and from the menu, click on the Task Manager
  • Or press the Windows button on your keyboard and search for Task Manager
  • In Task Manager, go to the details from the top menu

There you will see lots of programs, games, and applications running. Click on the specific game that you want to allocate more RAM.

  • Right click and hover over “Set Priority” option.
  • You will see 6 available options: Realtime, high, above normal, normal, below normal, and low.
  • Choose the option according to your needs or what suits you better.

You can select any option as long as you know about your memory, either it is sufficient or not. But you must keep in mind that setting any program on high, can also cause some issues with your PC/Laptop’s performance.

Suggestion on Allocation of RAM for Steam Games

Generally, it is not suggested to set any software or game on higher or above normal, if you do not have that much RAM or general knowledge of PC maintenance. This is where opening too many applications while playing games and forgetting how much memory (RAM) these background processes use can cause problems with your operating system or other programs such as Photoshop, which require more than its allotted space for functioning properly without our knowledge until we notice things like slow performance during editing sessions resulting largely because there isn’t enough RAM available at once anymore.

Opening multiple tabs in browsers, especially Chrome, can also cause issues while playing games, mainly web based games, streaming sites, and Facebook. Your game can also crash if it doesn’t get enough RAM to run.

There are also some other ways that you can try to save more RAM so you can give more RAM to Steam.

Changing Operating System

The operating system is another important factor when it comes to determining how much memory your computer can handle. Certain Windows versions just aren’t made for gaming, such as the Starter and Home editions, so you’ll need to consider buying one that’s worth your money. For instance, if you’re using a 32-bit OS with less than 4GB RAM already, we recommend getting a 64-bit OS in order for Steam games to make full use of the available space. Getting the Professional or Enterprise version can be the best choice.

Disabling Your Antivirus For Steam Games

Famous antivirus softwares are found consuming more RAM and memory while playing games. Moreover, they are always running in the background, eating quite a chunk of memory. When it comes to playing trusted games from Steam, Epic Games, or other famous game launchers it is useless to use antivirus software.

You should turn off the antivirus while playing any game on Steam. And It will be entirely safe and turn it on once you have played the game.

We would suggest you close all the applications and tabs while playing the game to play it smoothly, or just close the tabs and software that are not in use.


The best option is upgrading your RAM because this can be a long term solution for you. You don’t know when you will decide to play a new game that requires more RAM.

But suppose you don’t want to upgrade your RAM. In that case, you should try the above mentioned methods, Like allocating more RAM to Steam, changing your operating system, closing all the other softwares and browser tabs, and try disabling your antivirus while you are playing the game.


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